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Prep for Profit this Summer

Prepare your home for sale with four easy improvement projects you can do right now:

01 Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Clean gutters

Repaint or replace the front door

Clean or replace the roof

Plant flowers in a consistent palette

02 Create a Clean Canvas

A fresh coat of paint is a low

Cost interior improvement that makes a big statement

Light, neutral colors appeal to a wide range of buyers

Find new curtains in a neutral color

03 Sort through your Storage

Organize closets, pantries and your garage

Minimize cluttered decorations Style and clean shelves and any open storage

04 Hire an Expert

Ask me about Compass Lens to visualize the potential of your space

Maximize the value of your home with Compass Concierge and make upgrades with zero upfront costs


If you have any questions about Compass Concierge and how we can work together to increase the overall value of your home, contact me. We can set up a free consultation to chat about the current state of the market, as well as how to get the best return on your home.

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